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Congratulations to the 2010 NYFWA Scholarship Winners

NYFWA Winners 2010
From left to right, Sara Hamdan, Tori Finkle, Leslie Picker, Kathy Evans, Jon Lentz, NYFWA Scholarship Chair Sally Heinemann, and Ashley Harris.

Danielle Douglas, Columbia
Kathleen M. Evans, NYU
Victoria Finkle, Columbia
Sara Hamdan, Columbia
Ashley R. Harris, Columbia
Laura Kusisto, Columbia
Jon Lentz, Columbia
Leslie Picker, Columbia
Jeff Roberts, Columbia
Ian Thomson, Columbia


Recipients of the 2009 Scholarships
Congratulations to the twelve 2009 NYFWA Scholarship winners who were awarded $2,500 each at the NYFWA Annual Awards Dinner on June 18, 2009

2009 Scholarship winners

Left to right, Podkul, Jordan, Salib, Thibault, Akam Magee, Horwitz, Sutton, Xu, and NYFWA president Josh Friedlander. Missing from photo: Donath, Dwyer, and Guo. (photo by Steve Govoni)

Simon Akam, Columbia
Eszter Mirjam Donath, Columbia
Devin P. Dwyer, Columbia
Jerry Guo, Yale
Jeff Horwitz, Columbia
Jaime Jordan, Columbia
Joan R. Magee, NYU
Cezary Podkul, Columbia
Amir M. Bibawy Salib, Columbia
Chavon Sutton, NYU
Marie Thibault, NYU
Jodi Xu, NYU

Recipients of the 2008 Scholarships

Congratulations to the 2008 NYFWA Scholarship winners who were awarded $3,000 each at the NYFWA Annual Awards Dinner on June 10, 2008.

Beth Braverman, Columbia University
Andy Greenberg, New York University
Elizabeth Kowitt, Columbia University
Carlos Macias, Baruch College
Kelly Nolan, New York University
Avi Salzman, Columbia University
Yu Sun, New York University
Andrew Tangel, Columbia University
Jaclyn Trop, Columbia University
Christopher Twarowski, Columbia University

From left to right, Sally Heinemann, scholarship chair; Salzman; Kowitt; Braverman, Tangel, Sun, Nolan, Greenberg; Macias; and Steve Gelsi, NYFWA president. Missing from photo: Trop and Twarowski.

Recipients of the 2007 Scholarships

Congratulations to the 2007 NYFWA Scholarship winners who were awarded $3,000 each at the NYFWA Annual Awards Dinner on June 1, 2007. Scholarships go to students who intend to pursue careers in business and financial journalism:

Annika Breidhardt, Columbia University
Rachel Breitman, Columbia University
Melissa Korn, Columbia University
Lionel Laurent, Columbia University
Wayne Ma, New York University
Richard John McRoskey, Columbia University
Cyrus Sanati, Columbia University
Samar Srivastava, New York University
Philippe Wahba, Columbia University
Ying Wu, New York University

Recipients of the 2006 Scholarships
Left to right, Rachel Breitman, Philipe Wahba Annika Breidhardt, Lionel Laurent, NYFWA 2007 president Sheila Mullan, Melissa Korn, Cyrus Sanat, Samar Srivastava, Richard John McRoskey, and Ying Wu.  Missing from photo: Wayne Ma.
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Recipients of the 2006 Scholarships

Congratulations to the ten 2006 winners who each received a $3,000 NYFWA scholarship:
Jasmine Denise Adkins, New York University
Simon Constable, New York University
Ellen P. Gabler, Columbia University
Jennifer Hodson, New York University
Jason Sin Liang Leow, New York University
Angela Macropoulos, Columbia University
Carolyn Nardiello, CUNY
Peter James O'Dowd, Columbia University
William Pentland, Columbia University
Tamar Snyder, CUNY

Recipients of the 2006 Scholarships
Left to right,  Nardiello, Adkins, Snyder, Constable, Macropoulos, and Leow.
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Recipients of the 2005 Scholarships

Congratulations to the 2005 Winners:
Maria Ahmed, Columbia University
Shefali Anand, New York University
Hannah Ester Clark, New York University
Dawn Kissi, Columbia University
Lynden Ted Latiak, Columbia University
Andrey V. Lyutykh, Baruch/CUNY
Kathleen M. McGrory, Hamilton College
Serena Ng,New York University
Vonnie Quinn, Columbia University
Wanfeng Zhou, New York University

Recipients of the 2005 Scholarships
From left to right, Vonnie Quinn, Kathleen McGrory, Dawn Kissi, Andrey Lyutykh, Shefali Anand, Hannah Clark, Serena Ng, Ted Latiak, and NYFWA president Richard J. Koreto.
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Recipients of the 2004 Scholarships

Winners received their $2,400 Awards at the 2004 Annual Awards Dinner on June 1, 2004, at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square.  Eliot Spitzer, Attorney General for the State of New York, was the Guest Speaker.

Congratulations to the 2004 Winners:
Richard D. Beales, New York University
Daniel Binder, New York University
Maxwell Garcia, Syracuse University
Alexander Hall Haislip, Columbia University
Matthew F. Quinn, New York University
Antonio Manuel Nunes Ribeiro, Baruch
Louise Story, Yale School of Management and Columbia University
Gillian Wee, Columbia University
Kasey R. Wehrum, New York University
Amy Wu, Columbia University

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