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Don’t Miss Your Chance to be Part of the New York Financial Writers’ Association’s 2020 Financial Follies!

With students back in school (or not), restaurants re-opened (ish), companies welcoming employees back to the office (maybe), the New York Financial Writers' Association is excited to announce that for the 2020 Financial Follies on Broadway - the show WILL* go on! (*Sort of!)

Last year, the Follies made the bold move of going "Hollywood" in an all-video format.

This year, we're making an even bolder move - and we're hoping you'll join us for a truly interactive Follies experience!

Like so much of life during our Pandemic Pause, this year's 78th Annual Follies is moving from its usual gala dinner with entertainment to an all-virtual event. What does this mean for you? It means that for the first time in the 77-year history of the Follies it has never been easier for YOU to participate!

With the dedicated membership of the NYFWA working hard at putting together a virtual show, we are inviting you to submit your own videos. Whether you're an individual or an organization ... media outlet, PR firm, or financial institution ... we'd love to hear from you!

And here's the fun part: the cheezier, the better! Think: less professional polish, more first-time amateur. Less Madison Avenue, more Canal Street. Less Hollywood, more garage band. Give us whatever you've got; skits, stand-up, video conference fails, even your best shot at Kitchen Cabaret! Just make sure to get your submissions in by Friday, October 30th and to give us a heads up that you are planning to put something together.

Of course, submission is no guarantee you'll make it into the show; please make sure your videos are funny and relevant, and check out our submission guidelines before you start working on your masterpiece. And once again, the video that racks up the most re-Tweets will be crowned the winner of the 2020 Financial Follies - complete with trophy and full bragging rights.

But don't delay - the clock is ticking! This year's Financial Follies will take place on Friday, November 13th (Friday the 13th - what could possibly go wrong - right??)

While this year's virtual, black-tie-from-the-waist-up show will be free of charge, donations to the NYFWA Scholarship Foundation are always welcomed. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we are determined to maintain our dedication to supporting New York-area journalism students.

For more details about this year's event, visit our website at, or contact our executive director, Britt Erica Tunick, at (646) 470-7433.