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July 31, 2016 – The Common Ground Committee’s Debate on Tax Reform in Nantucket, MA

NYFWA members are invited to attend a debate on tax reform featuring former Congressman Barney Frank.

Common Ground Committee, a non-profit group dedicated to fostering civil discourse and finding common ground on controversial policy issues, is holding a public forum Sunday, July 31 at 8 pm on the topic, “Finding Common Ground on Taxes.” The forum will be held at the Unitarian Meeting House at 11 Orange St. in Nantucket, MA

A distinguished panel of experts on tax policy will take part in a spirited but civil debate that focuses on an important issue in this presidential election year. The honorable Barney Frank (D-MA), former member of the U.S. House of Representatives will debate Larry Kudlow, radio host and CNBC Senior Contributor on tax policy, Presidential candidates’ tax proposals and prospects for congressional action. The panel moderator is Gail Chaddock, former Washington Political Editor for The Christian Science Monitor. A Pulitzer-Prize winning news publication, The Monitor is noted for balanced, in-depth reporting aligned with its motto “To Injure No Man, but to Bless All Mankind”. As such, it is Common Ground Committee’s media partner.

“The public is hungry for bipartisan behavior and productive dialogue that seeks to find solutions to critical issues facing our nation” says Bruce Bond, co-founder and president of Common Ground Committee.  “We expect the forum to generate thoughtful discussion on key questions affecting the political debate over federal tax reform in this Presidential election year”. Like earlier debates the Committee has conducted, this forum represents a bold idea: a spirited debate where panelists are encouraged not just to make their own points but to find areas of common ground. Each will be challenged to bring their insights and passion to bear on this issue in a way that allows point of common ground to emerge without compromising their principles.                                             

Founded in 2009, the non-partisan Common Ground Committee is a citizen-led non-profit organization, free of political agenda and with a singular focus on demonstrating productive discourse. “Too often,” according to Bruce Bond, “discussions on matters that affect the lives of all Americans take place in a vitriolic style that seeks to score points rather than enlighten the public. We endeavor to counter this trend by presenting a series of debates on a variety of topics aimed at presenting the ‘light’ of truth rather than the ‘heat’ of anger.  It is our intent that this light might stimulate progress toward finding the common ground on which citizens can make informed decisions, inspire citizens to raise the level of their own discourse and motivate both citizens and leaders take intelligent action.” 

Besides spirited panelist discussion the forum will feature time for question-and-answer with input from the audience.  Tickets for the event can be obtained online at

A video of the debate will be posted on the Committee’s website shortly after the event. Common Ground Committee