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June 26, 2024 ​ –– Author Dana Mattioli on The Everything War

Dana Mattioli, a senior reporter for The Wall Street Journal, discusses her new book, "The Everything War," with NYFWA member Peter Coy.

"The Everything War" is described as "the first untold, devastating exposé of Amazon's endless strategic greed, from destroying Main Street to remaking corporate power, in pursuit of total domination, by any means necessary. With unparalleled access, and having interviewed hundreds of people – from Amazon executives to competitors to small businesses who rely on its marketplace to survive – Mattioli exposes how Amazon was driven by a competitive edge to dominate every industry it entered, bulldozed all who stood in its way, reshaped the retail landscape, transformed how Wall Street evaluates companies, and altered the very nature of the global economy."

Mattioli has been a Pulitzer Prize finalist and Gerald Loeb Award winner for her Amazon coverage. Her investigations have also aided congressional and federal inquiries into the company’s market power and investigations into whether Amazon is a monopoly, including the FTC’s recent monopoly lawsuit. 

Coy, the immediate past president of NYFWA, writes for the Opinion section of The New York Times.

When: Wednesday, June 26th at 7:30 p.m.