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March 22, 2022 – Reporting The Financial Fallout of the Ukraine War

The Russia-Ukraine war has become just as much an economic war as a military conflict. The New York Financial Writers’ Association will explore how journalists cover the economic and financial effects of the war with a panel of top business reporters covering the conflict. The panel will discuss the difficulties in covering how sanctions are affecting Russia, Ukraine and the rest of the world.

Join the NYFWA for a conversation with high-profile journalists Stephanie Baker, Bloomberg; Patricia Cohen, New York Times; Howard Schneider, Reuters and Ian Talley, The Wall Street Journal. Lawrence Carrel, a financial journalist and a member of the NYFWA board of governors, will moderate the discussion.   


Stephanie Baker is a senior writer for and Bloomberg Businessweek, where she covers the intersection of business and politics.

Patricia Cohen is the London-based Global Economics Correspondent for the New York Times, and the author of “In Our Prime: The Fascinating History and Promising Future of Middle Age”.  She is an award-winning reporter and, beyond her current beat, has written extensively about ideas, books and the arts, and worked as an investigative reporter.

Howard Schneider is a U.S. Federal Reserve reporter in the Washington bureau of ThomsonReuters. Prior to joining ThomsonReuters, he spent twenty-five years at the Washington Post, including three tours overseas, stints as an editor and international economics correspondent.

Ian Talley writes about sanctions, terror finance and other global illicit financial networks from the Wall Street Journal's Washington, D.C. bureau. He previously covered international economics and energy policy in the D.C., London and Oslo bureaus.


Lawrence Carrel is Secretary/Assistant Treasurer of the New York Financial Writers’ Association’s board of governors and author of “ETFs for the Long Run” and “Dividend Stocks for Dummies”.  

When: March 22, 6 p.m. (EST)