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September 20th, 2022 – The Midterms, Wall Street & The White House

The midterm elections are approaching amidst soaring inflation, the threat of stagnation and significant market turbulence -including the collapse of cryptocurrencies.

Former NYFWA president and Elliott V. Bell Award winner Myron Kandel will lead a panel of high profile financial journalists featuring Christine Romans of CNN, Jonathan Alter of Substack and Caleb Silver of Investopedia, who will discuss what we are likely to see in the coming months. 

Myron Kandel is one of the founders of CNN, who served as its financial editor and an economic commentator for 25 years. In 2000, he was named as one of the 20th century’s 10 most influential financial journalists. Throughout his career, he served as the president of multiple journalism groups, including the Society of American Business Editors and Writers and was the recipient of four honorary doctorate degrees. Since his retirement in 2005, he has remained an active contributor to the world of financial journalism, including the New Hampshire-based Initiative for Corporate Responsibility and Investor Protection.

Jonathan Alter is an award-winning author, political analyst, documentary filmmaker, columnist, television producer and radio host who currently hosts a weekly Substack newsletter called “OLD GOATS, Ruminating with Friends,” which includes frequent columns and his conversations with accomplished people of wisdom and experience. He is also the host of “Alter Family Politics“ on Sirius XM, along with his three adult children. A former senior editor and columnist at Newsweek, Alter is a longtime political analyst for NBC News and MSNBC.  He co-produced and co-directed the HBO documentary “Breslin and Hamill: Deadline Artists,” which won the 2020 Emmy for Outstanding Historical Documentary. In 2013-2014, he was an executive producer of “Alpha House,“ a comedy on Amazon. His most recent book is “His Very Best: Jimmy Carter, a Life.” 

Christine Romans is CNN's Chief Business Correspondent, where she anchors Early Start with Laura Jarrett. She won an Emmy award for her work on the series "Exporting America" about globalization and outsourcing American jobs overseas and is the author of three books. Romans joined CNN Business News in 1999, spending several years reporting from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Romans was the anchor of CNNfn's Street Sweep tracking the market's boom through the late 1990s to tragedy of Sept. 11 attacks. She anchored the first democratic elections in Iraq's history from CNN Center in Atlanta. The National Foundation for Women Legislators has honored her with its media excellence award for business reporting and the Greenlee School of Journalism named her the 2009 James W. Schwartz award recipient.

Caleb Silver is the Editor in Chief of Investopedia and host of The Investopedia Express, and The Green Investor podcasts. He is an award-winning business journalist who has previously worked as the Director of Business News at CNN, the Executive Producer of CNN Money, and a Senior Producer at Bloomberg Television. He served as the President of SABEW, (The Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing) from 2021-2022, and he is a mentor to graduate students at NYU's Carter Inst. of Journalism. He is a frequent guest on CNBC, MSNBC, Yahoo Finance, and ABC Radio. Caleb joined Investopedia in 2016.

*This will be a virtual event, but we will also be holding an in-person watch party in the city that will be co-hosted by SEI Novus. There are limited spots for the in-person party. Anyone interested in attending the watch party should sign up by emailing: 

When: Tuesday, September 20th @ 7 p.m. EST

Sign Up for the Virtual Event Here: (After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.)