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Webinar: Who & What is Behind the Smash & Grab Economy

Hannah Levintova (@H_Lev), a reporter for Mother Jones, discusses her cover story “The Smash-and-Grab Economy: Private equity billionaires are looting the country, leaving everyday Americans to clean up the mess —and fight for the scraps" and “Real Estate Predators Tried to Cash In on the Pandemic. Then Tenants Fought Back” and how she went about researching and covering the opaque world of high finance and dissecting the true business strategies of PE firms. Learn how she got residents impacted by the strategies of private equity firms to speak out, and what she learned about the outcome of private equity activities on Brooklyn neighborhoods -and possibly your neighborhood too!  Peter Coy (@petercoy), a member of the NYFWA's board of governors and a New York Times Opinion economic writer, moderates the event.