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Honoring Jane Reilly's Years of Service

More than 65 NYFWA members gathered at the New York Junior League's headquarters on October 17th for Jane Reilly's retirement party, honoring her 13 years of service to our organization. Former NYFWA president Daniel Bases kicked off the presentation portion of the evening by taking the opportunity to remind members that he was the residing president when Reilly was hired in 2000 – a decision he described as the most important thing he did during his presidency, given the tremendous job Jane did with everything she handled for the NYFWA during her years in the role. Bases’ short speech was followed by a presentation by former
NYFWA president Myron Kandel, who was quick to note that he had headed up the search committee that suggested Reilly for the position. Kandel also took time to thank Jane for her years of dedication and the lasting mark she has left on our organization before presenting her with a plaque from the NYFWA that read: “To Jane Reilly, colleague, friend, mentor and executive manager extraordinaire, our appreciation for your years of service to the New York Financial Writers’ Association and your hard work, dedication and devotion to making the organization the best it can possibly be. From your flawless handing of the Financial Follies, to the grace you have shown in organizing countless awards dinners, drinks nights, softball games and a myriad of other events for the NYFWA, we salute you. Your bubbly personality, incredible organizational skills and diplomatic approach to everything you do have made you an invaluable part of the NYFWA's heritage and a beloved member of our organization.” Current NYFWA president Jan Alexander and former president Britt Erica Tunick, who replaces Reilly as the NYFWA’s executive manager, also took the time to publicly thank Reilly for her service to the NYFWA and to share some thoughts about big shoes she has left to be filled. Reilly was also presented with a Tiffany necklace and was serenaded by everyone in attendance with the song “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” a favorite of Reilly’s because of its ties to the Liverpool soccer team she is a staunch supporter of. Throughout the evening countless members took the opportunity to thank Reilly for her service to the NYFWA and to share some of their favorite memories of times they have spent with her –from recent years, back to the days when she shared the stage with the cast of the Financial Follies as a new mother. And it was clear to everyone in attendance that Reilly has had no difficulty embracing retirement and shifting gears from being the person in charge, back to being a member at NYFWA events.*Photo by Steve Govoni. For additional photos taken by Govoni during the evening, click the following link: Jane's Retirement Party