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The 41st Elliott V. Bell Award Ceremony

If you missed this year's Elliott Bell event, which honors journalists who have made a significant contribution to the field of financial journalism, check out the video and photos from this year's event below:



For photos of this year's event, click here

Dealing with acronyms, jargon and numbers is a must for any business journalist. But how do you make your stories come alive and get people to care about your writing – or even laugh? Over a 43-year career at the Wall Street Journal, this year's Elliott V. Bell recipient,Barry Newman, mastered the art of getting color, capturing scenes and finding characters that made A1 stories come alive for Journal readers. Newman wrote more than 400 features for the paper’s front page from more than 65 countries and most states in the USA, covering everything from the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe to pickled herring caves in Sweden.

To celebrate Newman’s achievement, the NYFWA hosted an award reception at the CUNY Journalism School on Wednesday, May 24.

As part of the evening, Newman moderated a panel with notable writers and editors about the craft of storytelling. The discussion explored how journalists can bring business reporting to life for general news audience and how they’re adapting their craft to today’s digital news age. Newman was joined by Ellen Pollock, the new business editor for The New York TimesDavid Enrich, financial enterprise editor at The Wall Street Journal, author Josh Prager, and Joe Sexton, senior editor at ProPublica.