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Member Video Memories

Just like the world of journlism -and the world at large- the New York Financial Writers' Association has changed extensively since the organization began in 1938. In an effort to preserve the institutional knowledge of some of our longest and most active members we have created a video library where these individuals share some of their most vivid memories of their invovlement with the NYFWA in their own words. Check out what they have to say below:

Daniel Bases, NYFWA president 2000-2001:

Peter Coy, NYFWA president 2022-2024:

Claudia Deutsch, NYFWA president 1997-1998:

Alan Goldsand, NYFWA president 1984-1985:

Myron Kandel, NYFWA president 1986-1987:

Susan Lisovicz, NYFWA president 1998-1999:

Tom Mariam, longtime NYFWA member:

Sheila Mullan, NYFWA president 2007-2008:

Art Samansky, longtime NYFWA member:

Leonard Sloane, NYFWA president 1970-1971:

Joyce Spartonos, longtime NYFWA member/former NYFWA executive director:

Terri Thompson, NYFWA president 1995-1976:

Irene Weissman, longtime NYFWA member: