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Elliot Bell Award Presentation Examines Whether We Can Predict the Next Financial Crisis

This year's Elliott V. Bell Award ceremony delved into the question of whether or not journalists can predict the next financial crisis. 


Photo#1, from left to right: Dan Hertzberg, Cezary Podkul. Photo #2, from left to right: Michael Siconolfi, Nik Deogun, Lisa Abramowicz and Gillian Tett.

The 2015 Elliott V. Bell Award was presented to Dan Hertzberg for his significant contribution to the world of financial journalism during his 46 year career. Hertzberg, a 1988 Pulitzer Prize winner, is the 40th recipient of the Elliott V. Bell Award, which is named after the NYFWA’s founding president and which recognizes individuals who have made long-term contributions to financial journalism and have had a significant impact on the industry. 

As part of the evening, Hertzberg moderated a panel of leading financial editors and reporters entitled "Will We Be Able to Spot the Next Financial Crisis?" The discussion discussed whether or not journalists can spot the next financial bubble before it boils over into the real economy like the events of 2008. Hertzberg was joined by Michael Siconolfi, who heads up investigations at The Wall Street Journal,  Lisa Abramowicz, who covers credit markets for Bloomberg, Nik Deogun of CNBC and the Financial Times'  Gillian Tett -all of whom had interesting thoughts about the difficulties journalists face when trying to forecast marketwide troubles