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June 13, 2023 – Twitter Alternatives for Disseminating News & Tracking Social Media Trends

The uproar over the fate of Twitter under billionaire Elon Musk has created uncertainty around news dissemination and tracking social media trends as vital parts of current and future news operations. This panel will offer journalists a way to shape the narrative around how media outlets are broadening their reach beyond Twitter to other platforms and methods. Meet four high profile working journalists to brainstorm on tracking trends and getting your work seen and promoted through social media, as well as some of the ins and outs of other social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Substack. We'll start with everyone talking about what their day-to-day job responsibilities are like, examples of work they've published and how they've been using social media and go from there.


Kat Borgerding, senior editor, social and engagement, MarketWatch, @KatBorgerding
Zoë Szathmary, deputy digital managing editor at Barron's,

Kathryn Lurie, editor-in-charge, social media at Reuters, @kathrynlurie

Ian Donnis, political reporter for The Public's Radio, Rhode Island's NPR member station, Twitter: @IanDon


Steve Gelsi, senior reporter, MarketWatch and board member of NYFWA, @SteveGelsi

When: June 13th, 7:30 p.m. (EST)