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NYFWA Gears Up to Skewer Bankers, Executives & Politicians at 76th Financial Follies

For 365 days a year, we're all forced to swallow the painful reality of the daily news headlines like a bitter pill.

But at least one night a year, we're offered a spoonful of sugar to help that nasty medicine go down.

And what a spoonful of sugar it is!  Costumes.  Singing.  Dancing.  Pageantry.  Comedy –with an edge (a sharp edge!).  And the best food and drink that Manhattan can offer.

This year – November 9th is that night – and this year that sugar promises to be sweeter than ever!

The New York Financial Writers Association is producing its 76th Financial Follies – an annual black-tie dinner gala during which we journalists turn the tables on the bankers, executives, politicians, and other newsmakers who take themselves way too seriously.

No one is safe.  No cow is sacred.  And no one knows who's next!

And that's just what happens on the stage!

Before and after the show (but never during, of course, as the "shaming" penalty can be quite embarrassing – last year it involved whipped cream), industry leaders from the worlds of finance, politics, public relations and media are given the rare and exceptional privilege of rubbing shoulders with the journalists who love them for an evening of cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, networking, levity and mirth (or at least as much mirth as one can tolerate in ties and heels).

But here's the really great part: proceeds from the event support the NYFWA's events and operations that underwrite some $30,000 in annual student scholarships for the next generation of budding journalists –our future stewards of the Fourth Estate.

But wait – this year it gets even better!  This year, for the first time ever, the NYFWA has created the NYFWA Education Scholarship Foundation Inc. –a 501(c)(3) subsidiary– which means that tickets and sponsor tables are tax-deductible! 

Plus, those donors hoping for (good) exposure in the Financial Follies can take out humorous ads in the program for the show, or run humorous video ads to air between the live stage numbers.

Also for the first time this year, table payments can be made electronically through the following link: –meaning you now have the option to pay by check, credit card or even cryptocurrency!

But you'd better act fast –rehearsals for the 2018 Financial Follies are already underway, and as anyone who reads the financial press will appreciate there is no shortage of material for this year's show, which you can follow along at hashtag #FinancialFollies!

Table sales are open until November 7, 2018. Additional information on the 2018 Financial Follies is available at: or by calling NYFWA executive manager Britt Tunick at (201) 612-0100.