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Podcast: The 44th Elliott V. Bell Award Ceremony/Battling Burnout Discussion

If you missed this year's Elliott V. Bell Award Ceremony and the discussion that followed on "Battling Burnout" be sure to check out the podcast.
This year's recipient of the Elliott V. Bell Award is Jason Zweig, a columnist for The Wall Street Journal and the author and editor of several investing books.
The award committee recognized Zweig for his decades of service helping average Americans navigate the often-murky world of investing and to make the most of their retirement savings. Zweig continues to do so today through his weekly “Intelligent Investor” column in The Wall Street Journal ( Since Zweig became a personal finance columnist for the Journal in 2008, his column has helped investors better scrutinize their brokers, the fees money managers charge, the fine print and questionable studies that accompany various funds, and to better understand the investor psychology of “Bull” and “Bear” markets alike.
Following his acceptance of the award, Zweig moderates a panel on the topic of “Battling Burnout” that features Gretchen Morgenson, the senior financial reporter in the Investigations unit at NBC News, and Allan Sloan, a columnist for The Washington Post and an editor at large at ProPublica.
*We apologize for the reverb you will hear in a small portion of this video -but, rest assured, the problem is not with your computer.