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Webinar: A Grudge Match in Japan: One Corner, Two 7-Elevens

The New York Financial Writers’ Association's latest reporting club webinar looks at an epic feud between 7-Eleven, one of Japan’s most powerful companies, and a franchisee in Osaka. 

Ben Dooley (@BenjaminDooley), a Japan business and economics correspondent for the New York Times, discusses his recent NYT Magazine article "A Grudge Match in Japan: One Corner, Two 7-Elevens," which gives a detailed inside look at the war between a very powerful company and a very stubborn franchisee, complete with threats, spies and secret videotape. This dispute, which is currently before the courts, could have profound implications for 7-Eleven’s authority over tens of thousands of franchise shops across the country and will offer an interesting insight into business reporting in Japan. 

Olivia Carville (@livcarville) a member of the NYFWA's board of governors and a Bloomberg reporter, moderates.