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Webinar: How ARTnews's Team Coverage of the Beeple NFT Auction Set the Standard

Arts Journalism's $69m Lesson for Financial Writers.

When a piece of easily reproduced digital art sold at auction for enough money to buy the four biggest mansions in Westchester County, both the financial press and the tech press were floored. And while arts journalists might have been as surprised as the rest of us, they weren't shocked. After all, it's their beat to cover the new, unprecedented and unfamiliar. As we financial writers delve more deeply into how technology is changing money, there's a lot to learn from our colleagues who report daily on how technology is changing art -- both its substance and its markets.

Some of the best reporting of the Beeple auction came from the team which veteran arts editor Marion Maneker led at ARTnews. He discusses how his site's coverage differed from that of other outlets.