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The Loss of Dottie Brooks

Longtime NYFWA member Dorothea "Dottie" Brooks passed away back in April.

Dottie spent more than 40 years at United Press International, including a long stint as its Financial News editor. "She was an inspiration for many women seeking to enter the profession," said Neil Hershberg, a senior vice president of global media at Business Wire, who passed along information about Dottie's death.
According to Hershberg, Dottie was in her late 80s and lived at the New York State Veterans Home in Montrose, New York.
No additional information is available about her death.

Said longtime NYFWA member Myron Kandel upon learning about Dottie's death: "Dottie Brooks was one of the great ladies of New York financial journalism and contributed greatly to the growth of the New York Financial Writers' Association. She was the strong right arm of a number of United Press International financial editors until she finally moved into the top job herself. In 1986 she became the 11th recipient of the NYFWA's Elliott V. Bell Award for having made "a significant long-term contribution to the profession of financial journalism." She helped nurture several generations of young journalists and she was beloved for having a heart as large as her ample frame. In addition to her journalistic skills, she was a wonderful colleague and friend to many, many of us."

Said longtime NYFWA member Art Samansky in response to the announcement of Dottie's death: "Dottie was a marvelous human-being, a talented and smart journalist, a great help to me over the years in many, many ways, and an absolute joy to be around. The entire community, journalists and public relations professionals alike, will mourn her passing and miss her. I can honestly say we benefitted enormously from having her with us for as long as we did."