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Members and Guests Honor 2014 Scholarship Winners, Learn of Wall Street's 7 Sins

More than 50 NYFWA members and guests attended this year's scholarship presentation, where winners were each presented $3,000 checks towards the cost of their education. Once again, ten winners were awarded scholarships, with winners representing schools including Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, New York University and Syracuse University. In addition, scholarship recipients and attendees had the priveledge of hearing from Bob Ivry, author of "The Seven Sins of Wall Street: Washington, Big Banks and the Next Financial Crisis," who shared his experiences in writing his book. Ivry took the opportunity to give the scholarships a real education about the reality of the Freedom of Information Act -and the fact that they shouldn't count on it in any investigative reporting they may do. As part of his talke, he recounted his own experience with FOIA, noting that it took a lawsuit and over a year to get the information he'd request on Lehman Brothers' bankruptcy and that, when the massive amount of documents finally did arrive, it was all redacted.