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Webinar: Getting Real With Ali Velshi

Award-winning broadcast journalist and longtime NYFWA member Ali Velshi (@AliVelshi) discusses his experiences covering global and economic issues through a financial lens with NYFWA president Peter Coy, a New York Times Opinion economic writer. Among the topics he hits on are the global backsliding of democracy, equality and justice under the law, the increasing threat of persecution –and even genocide— and the failure of global organizations to deal with any of it.

Webinar: The Business of Landing a Job in Financial Journalism

Young financial journalists Allison Smith, a reporter a Bloomberg News; Beth Treffeisen, a reporter at NBC Universal and Diana Li, a reporter at Bloomberg News, discuss the ins and outs of landing a job as a financial journalist in NYC with longtime business journalist and NYFWA board member Lawrence Carrel.

Webinar: The Midterms, Wall Street & The White House

With the midterm elections approaching amidst soaring inflation, the threat of stagnation and significant market turbulence -including the collapse of cryptocurrencies, former NYFWA president and Elliott V. Bell Award winner Myron Kandel leads a panel of high profile financial journalists featuring Christine Romans of CNN, Jonathan Alter of Substack and Caleb Silver of Investopedia in a discussion about what we are likely to see in the coming months. 


Webinar: Solving Cryptocurrency's Biggest Whodunnit

Laura Shin, the host of weekly crypto podcast Unchained, discusses how she discovered the identity of the individual that she alleges hacked the DAO in 2016. The DAO was the first large-scale attempt to decentralize venture capital. Run automatically and by consensus, it pooled its members' crypto holdings with the intent to fund exciting new projects on the Ethereum chain —of which there were many. It became the largest crowdfunding exercise in history. Then somebody stole all the money.

Webinar: Competing Views on the Fed

Business journalist Christopher Leonard, author of the new book, The Lords of Easy Money, argues that the Fed’s reliance on quantitative easing over the last 12 years “broke” the American economy by widening the wealth gap and making the financial system more prone to asset bubbles. While Wharton professor Peter Conti-Brown, author of The Power and Independence of the Federal Reserve, offers a countering perspective on the Fed. The discussion is facilitated by NYFWA board member John Biers, a business correspondent for Agence France-Presse’s New York bureau.

Congrats to Olivia Carville!

Congratulations to NYFWA board member Olivia Carville, a reporter on Bloomberg's investigations team, for winning a Deadline Club Award for her June 2021 Bloomberg Businessweek cover story "Airbnb's Nightmare." 

Carville's story unearthed Airbnb's secretive internal team that is responsible for handling the dark side of Airbnb rentals -from safety isuses and crimes, to sexual assaults. Following her story, Airbnb's policies were changed, allowing victims to sue. 


Webinar: 34th Elliott V. Bell Award Ceremony Honoring Andy Serwer

The New York Financial Writers' Association awards Andy Serwer, Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo! Finance, its 34th Elliott V. Bell Award for a significant long-term contribution to financial journalism.

Serwer heads a panel on the topic of '"The Business Model of Business News" featuring former New York Times columnist Ben Smith; Elizabeth Spiers, founding editor of Gawker and the former editor of the now-defunct NY Observer; and Vivek Shah, CEO of Ziff Davis.


Webinar: Pioneering Women in Financial News –And Their Heirs

Carol Loomis, Fortune magazine’s longest employee over seven decades; Alyson Shontell, the first woman and youngest editor-in-chief to helm Fortune; Winnie O'Kelley, an industry veteran and now dean of academic affairs at Columbia Journalism School; Susanne Craig, a Pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter at the New York Times; and Diana Henriques, an award-winning financial journalist and author, discuss the significant changes that have taken place within the world of financial jou

Reporting the Financial Fallout of the Ukraine War

By Lee Barney

On Feb. 24, 2022, when Russia, without provocation, invaded Ukraine, financial journalists found themselves in the unusual position of having to report on war and economic sanctions being imposed by the West on Russia,

The task was unexpected for New York Financial Writers Association (NYFWA) members, but it has been a challenge they have lived up to.

This was the message from speakers at a NYFWA webinar March 22, featuring high-profile journalists from Bloomberg, The New York Times, ThomsonReuters and The Wall Street Journal.