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NYFWA Stands With America's Free Press

The New York Financial Writers' Association condemns acts of violence and harassment toward reporters. In a year where reporters have been shot, heckled, harassed and now, evacuated on live air due to bomb threats, we should all pause to remember the vital role the free press plays in our democracy – and our economy. President Donald Trump's hateful rhetoric toward the free press cannot become the new normal. NYFWA members stand with our fellow reporters. Journalists are not the enemy of the people. They are the people.

Rich Wilner Moves into PR

Longtime NYFWA member and former president, Richard Wilner, has taken a position at communications firm Sitrick and Company. 

Prior to his new position, Wilner spent 22 years at the New York Post -initially as a reporter, a position he held for 12 years, and then as Business Editor. 

NYFWA Gears Up to Skewer Bankers, Executives & Politicians at 76th Financial Follies

For 365 days a year, we're all forced to swallow the painful reality of the daily news headlines like a bitter pill.

But at least one night a year, we're offered a spoonful of sugar to help that nasty medicine go down.

And what a spoonful of sugar it is!  Costumes.  Singing.  Dancing.  Pageantry.  Comedy –with an edge (a sharp edge!).  And the best food and drink that Manhattan can offer.

This year – November 9th is that night – and this year that sugar promises to be sweeter than ever!

Laura Keller Named Head of Content at Asset TV

NYFWA member and 2012 NYFWA Scholarship winner Laura Keller was recently named head of content at Asset TV. 

Prior to joining Asset TV, Keller was with Bloomberg.

Click here to read about her new role. 

Former NYFWA President Susan Lisovicz Shares Ovarian Cancer Experience in Washington Post

Former NYFWA President and beloved longtime member Susan Lisovicz bravely shared her recent experience with ovarian cancer in an honest and candid article in the Washington Post

Susan's article is available here. 

The NYFWA wishes Susan well and hopes that this whole experience soon becomes a distant memory for her!

NYFWA Member Publishes Investment Writing Handbook

NYFWA member Assak Kedem recently published a handbook called “The Investment Writing Handbook,” which is part of the Wiley Finance series.

Following are two paragraphs from the handbook:

The Rambunctious Crowd Made it Hard to Hear the Follies Lyrics? Check Them Out Here

Cheap Bills
To the tune of Sia’s Cheap Thrills


Come on, come on, turn the printing press on
It’s FOMC and I won’t be long
Gotta make some cash, put inflation on
It’s FOMC and I won't be long

Til’ I hit the fun-ding 
Hit the bank floor 
I got all I need
No I ain’t got cash
I ain’t got cash
But I got you Q/E

Baby I don't need dollar bills to get funds tonight
(I love cheap bills)
Baby I don't need dollar bills to get funds tonight
(I love cheap bills)

Apply by Dec. 15th for McGraw Fellowship for Business Journalism Grant

Do you – or a reporter you know -- have a great idea for an investigative or enterprise story on a business or financial topic, but few resources to get it done? If so, check out The McGraw Fellowship for Business Journalism, an initiative of the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism designed to support ambitious coverage of critical issues related to U.S. economy and business.

Cezary Podkul Moving to Wall Street Journal

NYFWA member Cezary Podkul is moving over to the Wall Street Journal in July, where he will be part of the paper’s enterprise team lead by David Enrich. Cezary is currently a reporter at ProPublilca.

The 41st Elliott V. Bell Award Ceremony

If you missed this year's Elliott Bell event, which honors journalists who have made a significant contribution to the field of financial journalism, check out the video and photos from this year's event below: