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Webinar: Reporting the Financial Fallout of the Ukraine War

High-profile journalists Stephanie Baker, Bloomberg; Patricia Cohen, New York Times; Howard Schneider, Reuters and Ian Talley, The Wall Street Journal, discuss the difficulties in covering how sanctions are affecting Russia, Ukraine and the rest of the world with Lawrence Carrel, a financial journalist and a member of the NYFWA board of governors.


Webinar: How to Write About Personal Finance

Leonard Sloane, who turned 90 in January, is a New York institution and has been covering business and finance since the 1950s. He covered personal finance for decades for The New York Times and he is still a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal.

Len discusses the ins and outs of writing about personal finance with a panel of New York's top personal financial journalists. Learn their tricks in our latest webinar.


Webinar: The Story Behind the Winning Stories of 2021's Impact Award

The recipients of the New York Financial Writers' Association's 2021's Impact Award for Distinguished Financial Journalism, Michael Smith and Nacha Cattan of Bloomberg News, discuss the story behind their series of articles that spurred one of the spotlighted companies to exit a business highlighted in the stories.

NYFWA Announces Recipients of 2021 Impact Award

Michael Smith and Nacha Cattan of Bloomberg News, and former Bloomberg News editor Cam Simpson, have been named the 2021 winners of the New York Financial Writers’ Association’s Impact Award for Distinguished Financial Journalism for investigative reporting that exposed how leading U.S. chemical companies fuel the narcotics labs flooding America with deadly drugs.

Farewell to Longtime NYFWA Member Claudia Deutsch

It is with great sadness that we report that longtime and beloved NYFWA member Claudia Deutsch lost her battle with esophageal cancer on January 13, 2022.

Webinar: The Substack Impact

The New York Financial Writers' Association's latest webinar features a panel discussion on the rise of Substack, a new medium that enables journalists to send subscription-based digital newsletters directly to their readers by email. Panelists Casey Newton and Eric Newcomer discuss the impact of Substack on traditional media outlets, why they decided to leave full-time positions in major U.S. newsrooms to write their own newsletters and how it's been going with New York Times Opinion economic writer Peter Coy.

Congratulations to Peter Coy

NYFWA board member Peter Coy has joined the New York Times Opinion section (@nytopinion) as an economics writer. 

Prior to his new role, Peter spent 32 years at BusinessWeek and Bloomberg BusinessWeek, where he was most recently the magazine's economics editor. He began his career as an editor in the Albany bureau of the Associated Press.  


Webinar: A Grudge Match in Japan: One Corner, Two 7-Elevens

The New York Financial Writers’ Association's latest reporting club webinar looks at an epic feud between 7-Eleven, one of Japan’s most powerful companies, and a franchisee in Osaka. 

New York Financial Writers’ Association Names Andy Serwer 45th Elliott V. Bell Award Winner

The New York Financial Writers’ Association is pleased to announce that Andy Serwer, editor in chief of Yahoo! Finance, is the 2020 recipient of the Elliott V. Bell Award, which honors journalists who have made a significant contribution to the field of financial journalism.

Webinar: America's COVID Swab Supply Depends on Two Cousins Who Hate Each Other

A look at how a single family feud threatened America's entire COVID-19 testing enterprise.